Monday, October 10, 2011

outdoor photoshot..yeayy! :D

This entry is about outdoor photoshot..
Indoor photoshot is totally disaster due to lighting probs..*sigh
Plus,there's juz a few snaps form my sis during the majlis..
and u should also see my reaction when I saw en.tunang juz
which make me a little bit frustrated..*sob..sobb..waa~~

But, my pregnant sis offer me to take a shoot at the river..
So, here outdoor photoshot !! *yeay! :D

Sungai nih sebelah rumah jek..
And ada pic yg kt sg sekitar kg..
Mcm kt titi gantung ..

Pose comel..sayer suka!! :p

I love this pic most!! :D

The pic mean a lot to me..
Wlpn naik kaki en.tunang, tp mmg sy jerit2 mcm histeria koet coz ketakutan yg sgt.
Plus en.tunang yg xhabis2 sakat dok tunjuk kununnya pacat naik kaki sy..*geramnyerr!

Dislike the face whenever I'm having big laugh..
Looks retarded! ngee..
But, I love the way he give the flowers to me..
* they called me LANGSUIR PINK!! coz bertenggek kt pokok besar nh..
And of course I wont upload the pic..SCARY laa plak tgk lama2!

Veil nh untuk dijual...
*btw, dh ada org beli..
Tp, i've lots more veil utk dijual..
nnt okeh update.. :)

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